Met eish, ja...met eish CHENIN BLANC Eben Sadie's Skurfberg - 480 0(A rare and internationally celebrated chenin from 70 year-old vines. Winemag 94/100 and 5* Platter) Secateurs - 130 (From iconic winemaker Adi Badernhorst. Platter 4*) Babylons Peak - 90 (Dry, lemony and delicious. Platter 4*) Vondeling - 105 (From one the Cape's best-kept secrets...stradling the eastern slopes of Perdeberg. Veritas Gold and Platter4*) Riebeek Cellars - 70 (A trusted and quality quaff from the local co-op) WHITE BLENDS Saronsberg Provenance Earth in Motion - 120 (A reference to Tulbagh’s 1969 earthquake. A Chenin and Sauvignon blend. Platter 4*) Eben Sadie's Skerpioen - 480 (A unique blend of 50 year-old Chenin and Palomino. Rare and internationally acclaimed. Platter 5*) Nativo - 160 (A blend of Viognier, Roussane and Chenin. Platter says it's sunny with an aroma of spring flowers. Platter 4½*.) SAUVIGNON BLANC Saronsberg - 140 (From one of SA’s foremost wineries in neighbouring Tulbagh. Platter 4*) Vondeling - 115 (From the eastern foothills of the Perdeberg. Veritas Gold and Michelangelo Gold. Platter 4*) Riebeek Cellars - 80 (A reliable and quality quaff from our local co-op) CHARDONNAY Riebeek Cellars - 80 (Brilliant green-gold. Fruity but dry) ROSé Riebeek Cellars - 80 (Dry with a hint of fruit. Made from Pinotage.) Saronsberg - 115 (Pale-coloured with a hint of fruit. Platter 3*) RED BLEND Secateurs Red(2012) - 160 (Adi Badenhorst once again at his best. Platter 4*) El Presidente - 110 (A creation of Shiraz, Merlot, Pinotage. From maverick winemaker Anton Espost – he refuses to submit to Platter.) SHIRAZ Babylon’s Peak(2013) - 120 (Another Babylon’s Peak hit and a 4* Platter wine) Saronsberg Provenance Shiraz(2012)
 - 180 (One of SA’s most decorated wines. Veritas gold, Decanter gold, Old Mutual gold and Michelangelo gold. Platter 4½*) CABARNET SAUVIGNON Riebeek Cellars - 75 (Simple, lovely and everyday drinking from the local co-op) PINOTAGE Eikeboom - 110 (A new addition to the Swartland wine family) MALBEC Annexkloof (2014)- 190 (Picked by hand and matured in French oak for 2 years. Lots of fruit and intense dark. Platter 4* family) SPRAKLING/CAP CLASSIQUE Pieter Cruythoff - 110 (From the reliable Riebeek Cellars. Easy, summer drinking) Saronsberg MCC Brut - 180 (Platters 4*. Delicious and bone dry with a fine mousse) STRAW WINE Lammershoek Cellar Foot “The Straw” (2010) - 300 (And now for something completely unique from the Swartland...a desert wine made from grapes that were naturally dried in the sun on straw. Delicious!!!) CARAFE OF WINE (250ml / third of a bottle of wine) Riebeek Chenin - 30 Babylons Chenin - 30 Secateurs Chenin - 45 Vondeling Chenin - 35 Riebeek Chardonnay - 28 Saronsberg Sauv Blanc - 45 Vondeling Sauv Blanc - 38 Saronsberg Earth Motion - 40 Riebeek Cellar Rose - 28 Babylons Shiraz - 40 El Presidente - 35 Riebeek Cellars Cab Sav - 28 Eikeboom Pinotage - 38 Pieter Cruythof Brut - 30 AND DON'T MISS... ...our unique range of beers and apperatifs. Have a go at champion winemaker Adi Badenhorst's Caperatif Soet Vermoet, a blend of Swartland wine fortified by spirit and flavoured with amongst others botanicals and naartjie (R40 for a double). It is a perfect alternative to gin and have it with Adi's “Swaan” craft tonic water. We also stock a range of Belgian beers and a selection of craft beers from our two local breweries.